Creepy things Facebook is (probably) not doing

Settle in deeper into your arm chair. Cosy up closer to your friend by the campfire and hold hands. Make sure your flashlight doesn’t run out of battery under the blanket. If you only get spooked by non-fiction, you might not get a jump out of this blog post. After all, the scenarios presented here are completely made up…ish?

Sticker Sprites bring branding to Snapchat

Sticker sprites enable you to bring your own graphics to your snapstories. This gives you possibilities beyond emojis, default stickers and geofilters. 

What in the World Is Marketing Automation?

With a huge, booming market and continued growth, the demand in companies for marketing automation tools is greater than ever. Back in 2014, for example, there were nearly 11 times more B2B organizations using them than in 2011. That trend has only strengthened.

As more and more start their buyer's journey, service providers like Dingle continue to encounter new prospects with the same fundamental and very important question: What is marketing automation and what can it mean for...

The plan is 50% of the live stream - consider this before you go on air

Unless you have been living under a sizeable boulder for the past two years or so you have probably come across a live-stream on Facebook or Twitter. This is not a novelty but still the implementation of these technologies into effective marketing seems a bit distant to companies.

From modern day career building to luring creativity

Aaron Sandhu has one of the most interesting jobs from anyone I know. The variety of projects he’s been involved have taken him to amazing places in the world, such as Borneo, different places in India and (by the time of publishing this podcast) Zambia. He’s a great example of a person who has made a living of his passion.

What 200+ Self Help Books have taught me on Productivity, Diet and Sex

Claudio Santori (@claudio52) has reinvented himself more than any other person I know from self taught coder to TEDx speaker, from actor in a very famous tv commercial in Lithuania to entrepreneur, Claudio has been on a quest to find his best self since many years.

Experience design: the next business revolution

“It shouldn’t be Experience Design, it should be Experience Strategy. And Experience Strategy is a process that never ends”.

Patrick Zimmermann (@patrickzimm27) is an Experience Strategist from Cologne, Germany. He’s the author of several articles on Experience Design (EXD), among which “How “Experience Design” can create a more holistic “User Experience”

In this episode we deconstruct his latest blog and all the different elements which make up Experience Design.

[00:45] Intro...

10 lessons from the King of advertising - David Ogilvy

There comes a day when you find your new favourite non-fiction book. It was only some time ago that I got my hands on “Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy and I fell in love right away. I have never, ever, underlined so much in one single book, not even during my school time. If you work in advertising there is so much good stuff in here that it should be a must-read for any new employee of any ad agency . Ogilvy’s book gives so much advice and many marketing lessons...

How mindfulness can make you more productive (+10 minutes meditation exercise)

Mindfulness is "Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally”. It can change the way you live your life, including work and personal relationships. With mindfulness meditation you can increase focus, decrease stress, and stimulate your creativity. Mari Rasimus (@mariras) is here today to guide us through the reasons why you should start practicing daily.     [00:10] Intro [05:00] Mari big revelation moment after which she quit her...

Facebook LIVE vs Periscope: which one will you be using?

Is Facebook LIVE better than Periscope? How do you like to use Facebook reactions? And what do we think of ads featuring gay couples?

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