What unites the no 1. companies in social media?

Starbucks, Dell and the other companies that we have talked about. Have something in common. They have a strong focus on customer relations management in processes and systems - namely Salesforce.com.

A traditional problem for customer engagement is uniting own systems and the web. Information is hard to get flowing from system-to-system. Attempts to fix this generally end up in heavy projects, where the outcome is often outdated at release.

But no more. Salesforce.com has brought ready applications where a company can take into use a twitter-salesforce module in a matter of days. And in a very cost efficient way.

How do social networking sites work with CRM-systems?

With the help of new applications, salesmen can follow and search messages from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media and create Tasks, Leads or Cases directly to the company's own system. For the customer this can mean a free choice on the platform it wishes to use to communicate with the company.

Dingle makes you reachable in social media.

Biit integrates conversations to your systems.