So let's face it. We're going back to the way it used to be. Back-in-the-day when Internet came to the first people's homes:

  1. Nothing on the net was ready
  2. Everyone had the same right to create content
  3. Services developed so fast, every day was an adventure
  4. You made your mark by being in Yahoo, Geocities, Hotmail, or the like
  5. You were excepted to comment on what others said (Remember The Guestbook?)
  6. Everyone (on the Internet) could "talk" to each other
  7. The most intriguing rule that is as true in today's social media world as it was back in the day is:

  8. The number one way to "surf" was other people's suggestions (links on people's home pages)

And that rule #7, my friends, in one sentence says why business has a fundamental change ahead in how they go digital.