Like many Finnish ideas, our company name originates in the sauna. More precisely on a break between sauna sessions: sitting by a natural lake with a cold beer and some makkara. Just throwing ideas at the view.

While listening to the unique call of the Artic Loon, we thought our name should derive from the sound of a new status update. So what should it sound like when the Facebook newsfeed, or a Twitter homepage is refreshed? "Ding!", "Tsirp!", "du-dii!". Nothing quite sounded right.

With many options left we moved on to other things. Namely content. Brands could not bring traditional communications methods to social media. Social media is like a cocktail party, except its digital. So brands should mingle – digitally. And there it was.

Dingle celebrates its first birthday right about now. Join the fun.

Oh yes, the view: