- The air is getting thin for Facebook rivals; still breathing but threatened with extinction -

As a user of many German social networks it is noticeable that more and more users migrate to the "one and only" platform. By now, Facebook can show off very good results in Germany (18,4 Million users) however at the expense of its competitors, e.g. wer-kennt-wen.de, studivz.de, meinvz.de, lokalisten.de.

The following graph (Google Trends) shows the development of daily unique visitors of the biggest social networks in Germany (2009 - 2011).

Daily Unique Visitors
Daily Unique Visitors (social networks)

The underdogs struggle with migration of users, laziness regarding the use of the platform, writing status updates or just getting 'social' with their friends. The copycats could never compete with the pace of Facebook. The platform was always one step ahead in providing the better solution for users. Regardless of whether nicely made apps, interesting and addicting games or a far more developed user interface (chat, real time status updates, implementation of videos etc.). The competitors missed the chance to invest more money and time to develop their services further.

New and more profound concepts are needed to get the ball rolling (again). Marketing ideas like "get a free SIM card and call your friends free of charge" (studivz) are a good way to keep users but it needs a bit more than a SIM card to use a social network.

Maybe the easiest way to understand the ongoing process with social networks in Germany is just part of the globalization. The competitors of  Facebook using the German language for communication within the networks and seen from this angle, Germans are forced to use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and colleagues from different parts of the world.

Well friends, come up with something new or perish... ;)