Is it important for you business to be found in Google? If you are like most businesses you would prefer to have good visibility in Google, because even a slight increase in visibility leads to a significant increase in sales. This is especially true if you consider online shoppers as a target market for you, because 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine (Interconnected World: Shopping and personal Finance, 2012).

As a consumer or purchasing manager, would you trust the company with one single link to their website, or the one that also has a Facebook page, which gains more visibility in the search results? Gaining attention leads to trust, which is crucial in the consideration process.

So how do we increase our visibility in Google for our Facebook page?

A well-planned and strong content strategy is the key, because your visibility in Google will improve if your page has new and relevant content for your business.If your content interests your target market, it will allow you to build great relationships on Facebook with them, as well as gain the attention of potential clients searching for your product or service in Google. Social media can work seamlessly with all other marketing communication, as long as the content is optimized for a social environment.

If you want to know what kind of content works best in Facebook, give us a call.

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