10-15 years ago every business that didn't yet have their own webpage, felt very pressured to do so, without having clear goals or a good reason to have a webpage. We're at the same stage with many businesses and Facebook.

Now that every business is running to Facebook faster than ever, it is becoming clearer that businesses decision-makers are treating their Facebook page like another webpage.

The value of Facebook is in the newsfeed

Your Facebook page is the platform that allows you to get in the newsfeed of your fans. Let's do some newsfeed math. Let’s suppose you have a fan base of 20 000 and post 208 times year. Even if only 20% of your fans see your post per time, this means you have appeared in the newsfeed 832,000 times (0 € media budget needed once your fan base is built).

Appearing 832,000 times in the personal newsfeed of your fans is very valuable media space, don't you think?