Brace Yourselves

Tonight Apple will present the much anticipated iPhone 5. Here in the office the hype is high, as in the last days many of us have been thinking about our smartphones getting extremely old all of a sudden, slow and unable to survive another winter in Finland.

However, the iPhone is not the only thing we are waiting for this evening. As a company working mostly on Facebook, we are delighted by the idea that iOS6 will be released as well.

With iOS6, Facebook integration on your iDevices will be complete. Android users are familiar with this feature since years: a “share to” Facebook button will be automatically added to all the native apps and to many others as well. Contacts’ pictures, birthdays, and “about” information will sync over Facebook and be added to the calendar.

Tonight On 19th of September, don't forget to download iOS6 and have, finally, your iPad and iPhone ready for Facebook!

Source: Apple