Twitter has changed. What should you know about the new home page?

At first glance, you'll see it looks a lot like Facebook or Google+, suggesting the way to go is with more images.


-The greatest change is probably the header. Similar to the cover photo on Facebook, Twitter now features a cover image for your account, called "Header". The size of the new header should be 520 x 260 pixels and a max of 5mb (usually pictures on Twitter can be uploaded for a max of 3mb).

-The @account, description, website and location have been moved in the center of the header. If you have chosen a very light picture for your background header, we advise you to darken it in order to highlight the description.

-"Recent images" is a whole section below, featuring the most recent 6 images as smaller tiles.

The mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android have also been updated to feature the optimised "me" section and new header.

We admit it: we like this new version of Twitter, it looks more user friendly and gives new possibilities to express creativity with cool headers.

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