Facebook is changing all the time. One of the most important developments for companies to acknowledge is the change in newsfeed visibility. Newsfeed, which is the constant feed of status updates people see, is the most important media channel for companies on Facebook. Because of Facebook's increasing profit demands and friend amounts, visibility in the newsfeed should not be taken for granted anymore. When you make a status update, Facebook has said that only 16% of your fans might see your update. In our experience though this figure is 10-50% higher in Finland, depending on the content published.

EdgeRank is that mythical algorithm system that controls which posts get to people's newsfeed. It tries to analyze what interests a certain user, and the aim is to show only interesting content to that user. You should be aware of EdgeRank’s properties so that you can make sure that your status updates get proper visibility.

This is how you become EdgeRank’s best friend:

- Use lots of photos and videos.

- Add links to your posts.

- Publish interesting content which stirs up some conversation! Shares, comments, likes and clicks help your status to achieve more visibility. Shares and comments are more valuable regarding this than likes and clicks.

- Make your posts at the right time. Publish them at a time when the target group of your brand is the most responsive.

- Publish new updates constantly. This makes your fans interact with your page more, which will make Facebook show your content to those fans more often.

- Avoid using external applications (eg. TweetDeck) to publish your posts.

- Advertise your posts. You can target the advertisement for your page’s fans only, and for a couple of euros you can achieve thousands of additional impressions.

There is no need to fear EdgeRank! Get to know EdgeRank, appreciate its power and abilities, and you can maximise your visibility.

EdgeRank-friendly content: