"Google Plus is an update to Google": Vic Gundotra, SVP of Google, has made it clear. G+ is neither Facebook nor Twitter, it is a way to make Google "more awesome" (his words).

What does Google Plus mean for companies?

The +1, or PLUS button functions as the LIKE on Facebook, with a difference: every plus one, share and comment on G+ helps also get a bit higher in Google Search. It is not as easy as it sounds, but almost. One good post will not make the company first on Google Search, but many good posts can. To be first with important keywords content is vital, as much as a lot of unique visitors and many +1, comments and shares of posts. However, in smaller markets like the Nordic Countries reaching the top might be easier.

Vic Gundotra released last month some interesting numbers: Google Plus has reached 100 million monthly active users worldwide in just over a year of life, and it continues to grow. More users on Google Plus mean new "plus one" to links and posts and higher visibility on Google Search. If you have a lot of fans on Google Plus, your Page can even be featured on the right side of Search for maximum visibility, just as Lady Gaga's page above.

Google Plus increases the CTR as well

Moreover, being active on Google Plus increases the Clickthrough Rate results as well. The Clickthrough rate is the number of clicks on an online advertisement divided by the number of times the ad is shown. Very active companies on Google Plus, which post a lot of pictures and engage with the audience, have seen their CTR increase even by 35 %.

In any case, just being on Google Plus and posting regularly gives companies an average of 5-10% more CTR. Is that a reason enough to join?

In the above picture the astonishing example of Visit Greece