There's a lot of social stuff going on: liking a status update, sharing a funny picture, testing an application etc.
Facebook gives us option to promote these social actions and they even get the chance to be seen on the news feed.

Facebook Ads are paid messages coming from businesses. They are the voice of the marketer. They can also include social context about friends. On the other hand, Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with a brand. Businesses can pay to promote these stories in order to get a better chance that people will see them.

Long story short:
Long story short.

Which voice do you trust the most?

You can promote:

  • Page like story
  • Page post (well really not a sponsored story, but may also get to the news feed, so why not)
  • Page post like story
  • Page post comment story
  • Page post share story etc...
  • etc...

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