Before reading this blog, consider these questions:

What percentage of your marketing budget is currently invested in Facebook?
What is that percentage going to be next year?

Facebook has recently done research on its influence; here are some of the more interesting bits:

1. 92% of consumers trust earned media, such as word of mouth and recommendations from friends & family. Only about half (47%) trust TV, radio and newspapers.

2. People spend more time on Facebook than any other desktop site in world: Facebook – 6:35; Google – 3:20; Yahoo – 2:07; Microsoft – 1:55.

3. Facebook ads drive 98% better ad recall than non-Facebook campaigns measured in the same way – on average.

4. Facebook ad campaigns drive 31% better brand awareness than non-Facebook campaigns measured in the same way – on average.

5. A case video from Facebook Studio shows how Best Western drove 20% year over year revenue growth with the “Be a Travel Hero” campaign on Facebook. Click here to view the video

Consider the questions you asked yourself in the beginning of this blog.

Now I have an idea for your next year:

Carefully evaluate your current marketing strategy. Don’t invest habitually on the same traditional channels. Move with the times and invest to channels that are relevant to your customers. Be sure to keep everything in balance.

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