We walked around Slush 2012 in Helsinki yesterday, interviewing startups members. We met with Maître, a service which will allow you to order through mobile app in restaurants. We met Claudio from Italy, whose vision is to make people learn languages without grammar thanks to Bliu Bliu. We met many others as well and asked a simple question: what marketing channel are they using to promote their new company?

Slush Helsinki

The majority of companies believe in events ("Just like this conference!"), on their own websites ("People will find us through Google Search. We are already on page 5!") and recommendations from contacts they already have.

Though we absolutely agree that blogs help a lot ("Content is everything!"), how will people get to know your blog if no one knows it exists?

"What about social media?"
"Of course we want our service on social media! Social medias will be vital to us, but we don't know yet which one, and how."


Dingle was a startup company three years ago and we thrived on social media. We'd like to give 3 social media advices for startups businesses.

  1. Know your product to know your platform.
    Your customers are mostly in US? May Twitter be with you. If you are selling a product of which you have nice pics: make Pinterest your social shelves. IT-service? What better platform than Youtube, where you can show how it actually works. Finally, if you are aiming Savy-Tech people: Google Plus is your natural environment.
  2. Quality over quantity. Brands like Only In Lapland have a virality of 18,50%. Think if almost 20% of those who have seen your posts would create a story around it. Voimaa Kasviksista reaches almost 50% of its fans thanks to a great content, while the average is around 16%.
  3. Have a plan for Facebook. Many told us they would use "recommendations" from contacts they already had. Did you know that 92% of users trust their own friends & family? And where are your friends & family if not on Facebook (1 bn users)? Schedule your posts, create campaigns and engage users around your service.

It was a very busy day for many at Slush and today they are up and pitching again, soon getting to the great finale.

A special thanks to companies BliuBliu, CLRKD, Jevjo, Steroscape, Transfluent, Maître, Meetin.gs, MePin and Quuppa for their being EXTRA nice with us. May your visions become real: good luck!