Today on Twitter you'll to see a lot of #CMAD (#CMADFI in Finland). It refers to the world-wide famous event: Community Manager Appreciation Day.

Community managers have a crucial role in social media as they are in charge of planning, posting, moderating and creating the online community (among other tasks). If you are in charge of a brand's page in social media, then you are a Community Manager: happy CMAD to you!

Do you want to be a good community manager? Here are 5 tips to celebrate the Community Managers Celebration Day:

1- Have a strategy.
What are your goals? A month from now, a year from now, how do you want your clients to see you? Your strategy should reflect that.

"Have a strategy" is another way of saying: "have a content plan". Then, of course, you are a CM, which means you need to follow the news and the flow posting ad-hoc content. Overall, though, the content plan is one of your most important and powerful tools.

A job well planned is a job half done

2- Monitor everything.
There are tons of applications and ways to monitor your channels and how well you're doing (among others: Facebook insights, Social Numbers, Google Analytics, Meltwater News, Hootsuite...etc..). Take a constant look at the numbers. See what works, what day and how many users are reached. How many people are talking about your content and if they are not, why aren't they? Every month take these numbers to edit your next month's content plan accordingly.

Monitoring also means you need to track the other channels related to your brand. If you sell tv-screens, it would be silly not to monitor your competitors or websites that talk about tv-screens.

The Community Manager is the ultimate expert in the brand's page-specific field.

3- "Not-only-Memes"
Based on the strategy and the monitoring outcomes, decide what kind of post types suit your page the best. Try different models and see how your audience reacts. If they love pictures, post mostly pictures, but not only pictures. To have the best possible results and to constantly appear in your audience's news feeds, you need to post different types of posts.

success kid community manager meme

4- Know your target group.
Who is your audience? Picture your reader in your head when you write the content. Based on your strategy, you must have a target reader. When I say "Picture them in your head", I mean look for a fitting image on Google Images and keep it close to your screen, print it or just think about it.

When you write your message, think about that image, that person. How would they react? If they would read your text and think "So what?", delete your message. Rewrite it so many times that the target audience will start to interact with your message. Create engaging stories for your target audience. Avoid the "so what?" reaction.

5- Keep up-to-date
Mashable is a great source of news (but you knew that already, right?) but there are other websites and channels you have to monitor to keep updated and always a step ahead.

You also need to have the latest products at hand and try them out for your audience so that you can engage and talk about it.

Obviously, sometimes you are CM for a product that you can't have nor try, but this shouldn't stop you. If your audience is talking about something new you haven't heard of, just make sure you know a lot more in the next hour. If Google and Wikipedia are your best friends, why not also Twitter: the greatest source of recent news. Remember, "CM is the page's expert."

For example, Vine was last week's big discovery. What will it be this week?