So far, brands have kept an eye only on the number of fans, even though the Talking About number is a better meter of evaluating the page quality. Talking About takes into account how many times fans have commented, liked and shared the content of the page. Thus, the number tells more about the quality of the page and how much it receives visibility among fans.

Facebook pages can now be ranked and compared in Socialnumbers. The service provides an easy way to compare the popularity of official brand Facebook pages with simple metrics, graphs and overall better information compared to Facebook’s own statistics. Socialnumbers is a service created by iStudio, represented in the Nordic countries by Dingle.

Valio defeated Fazer with better content
If only fan count is considered, Fazer is clearly doing better:


However, when taking into account the Talking About number, it turns out that even though Fazer had more fans during the examined time period, Valio’s page still had significantly higher amount of action:


The statistics in Socialnumbers are created by using different meters, including:  

  • Daily Page Growth
  • Weekly page growth
  • Size (number of fans)
  • Talking About
    The best brand pages listed

    In addition to the best brand pages, Socialnumbers lists also the most remarkable social media agencies. Only official brand pages are approved for listing. Social media companies managing Facebook pages can “claim” them inside Socialnumbers to be under their administration.