Social media are, as we know, open, honest and equal.
And as video content becomes more crucial we want to see the faces of our friends while communicating. The Hangout application in Google Plus makes this possible and brings the interaction to a whole new level.

The live video chat is an excellent tool for brands as well: it brings the fans closer from the written discussions to a face-to-face discussion on a live video broadcast.

DNA - a Google Plus Hangout Pioneer in Finland

On the 27.2.2012 a live feed appeared on Google Plus stream of the Finnish telecommunications group DNA. The fans had the opportunity to discuss services and products with a company representative. Even if the fans were still shy to join-in the video broadcast, they were sending LIVE questions and thoughts through comments and tweets. The discussion was extremely positive and constructive. DNA Hangout on Google has shown that there really is demand for these kind of live events.

This is how it’s done

A Hangout doesn’t require much in terms of technical devices. You can manage with a webcam and some extra lightning. These events can’t be compared to the live broadcast on television, as there is only one static camera. On the other hand it makes the sessions very cost efficient. Also the idea is to create a virtual space where the fans can discuss with the brand representative rather than creating a flashy Hollywood experience.

Our team preferred the webcam also for the simple reason that it is compatible with Google Plus and therefore we were able to secure a smooth live stream without technical issues. Yet we recommend that you arrive on time to the set to make sure that everything is in order and working once you go live.
Thanks to its great potential, it is clear that the Hangouts are here to stay and it is definitely worth joining. The live dialogue with the consumers has already started so make sure your brand is up to date!