Foursquare is booming (Excuse me, what the heck is Foursquare? *). Foursquare is really useful, because it shows the whereabouts of your friends and you can even join them spontaneously. On top of that you can get to know your surroundings better because Foursquare reveals which places are ”trending", gives you tips on food selection in restaurants and on new places opening up nearby. You are also able to get discounts and benefits from some companies, specifically from those who are using Foursquare as their marketing weapon. The application can also be relentless, since a single bad review about customer service is noticed right away by all the other people checking in.


But, fellow Foursquare users, here comes a fundamental announcement.


Jungle laws are prevailing on Foursquare, and therefore it would be nice to create some rules on how to behave! Let us be gentlemen. Let us not fish around for cheap points and spam each others’ newsfeeds. We can start with these policies:


- Do not check in at your own house. You can be creative and check in at your friend’s house though.

- Do not take a head start in the hope of getting points for being the first visitor or reaching for the mayorship. When you come to a bar or a restaurant, an appropriate moment to check in is when you have relaxed and sitting on your table with a beer.

- Do not make check-ins afterwards. ”Well, there was no wifi so I’ll put it now, I was there earlier wasn’t I!”. Ill-advised and dangerous, let’s keep it real!

- Do not check in at that nearby Siwa or Alepa grocery store every day. Some boundaries are needed.

- Do not check yourself on city bus lines or most definitely not in every tram stop you’re passing by. Some boundaries certainly are needed.


Foursquare is a great and fun application, which could well have even more users. But we must remember that usually every check-in pops up as a notification on the phone screen, so a slight rationing could be in order. Let's keep the content interesting! With these gentleman rules Foursquare will be a better place for all of us.


* Foursquare is an application, where a user can check into different places with their phone. Almost anything can be a Foursquare location: Restaurant, bar, office, store, bank, your house etc. Check-ins give you points, which are affected eg. by how often the user has visited the place before. The user who has recently checked in most often to a certain place receives the magical mayorship title. Also badges can be earned for different missions, like the mythical hang over –badge: Check in to a bar after 2 am and then to an office the next morning before 10 am.