A very interesting new feature on Facebook mobile app for android took our attention today: Insights on "Post by Others".

Facebook Page Insights on Post by Others could be very useful to Community Managers. Insights would tell Community Managers how widely users' posts spread. Should they prioritize answering a post by the reach a the post gets? The new feature could be the first hint that Facebook is allowing promoting Post by Others on your business Page.

Facebook Insights Posts By Others

We couldn't find related articles on the matter and Facebook's own About Page Insight support page only talks about "how many people see a post and how many people clicked on the post." All reference is to posts by the page itself, not the fans.

So far it seems like a test, since it does not seem to work properly. The numbers are too low. Also we did not find this feature anywhere else but on the Android mobile app and even there, only on our own Page. So no Insights on Post by Others on our desktops and iOS apps.

We already asked Facebook if this is just an experiment/bug or if it will be rolled out soon to everyone. We'll update this post as soon as we know more about it. Interesting new ad format, if this is the case.