CBS's official How I Met Your MOther Facebook Page might win the prize for worst Facebook Page of the month (for sure of the day, which is an eternity in internet-time).

"How I met Your Mother" is a show where the main actor tells the story of how he meets the mother of his children. For 8 seasons.

With 23 million fans, the page has followers everywhere. Personally, I have 72 friends following the page and none lives in USA. So it might come as a surprise when you wake up in the morning and you see one of the biggest spoilers in recent tv history there in your news-feed (don't worry, I edited the picture off): 

How a Spoiler looks like

The post will be studied in schools, I am sure.

Even if you are not a fan, you might understand that showing the biggest spoiler of the show to get a few likes on a picture is really not what a community manager should do.


And they won't delete the post even after getting more than 12 000 angry comments (their average is about 500 per picture) and a copious amount of posts on their page.

What do we learn from this?

  • When the s*it hits the fan, react fast. Deleting a post is not the end of the world. Apologize and start over.
  • Community manager is a tough job. You talk every time to (about 15% of) many people. You can't think about all of them. But think before you post: a tv-show spoiler is bad content even after 1 year of the aired episode.
  • They probably should have gotten professional help for their community management

(I haven't added any link to the actual Page to avoid spoilers. If you want to check it out anyway, may Google be the one spoiling it to you.)