While we wait for the New Newsfeed to arrive in Finland, today we have finally received smileys.

Emoticons on Facebook

What are Facebook smileys and how do I use them?

They are an addition to status updates and it's very simple to use them. Just click on the smile face in the bottom of the status update box.

Facebook Smiley button

It will appear a "What are you doing?" section below and you can browse through six categories:

  • Feelings
  • Watching
  • Reading
  • Listening To
  • Drinking
  • Eating

Categories smileys Facebook

And you can really add all kind of emotions. Or should we say, emoticons?

Feeling good Facebook Smileys


You can tag what you are listening right now:

Listening to Facebook Smileys


Or what you are reading:

Reading Facebook Smileys


Or even more fun activities (and combine them with tagging your friends or adding a location):

Drinking Facebook Smileys


The possibilities are many. Your creativity is the limit.

I can  say that I already started seeing some friends using them...

Emoticon Facebook Sexy


Will you use the new smileys? Do you like them?