Fishing is a great joy for many people. There are also different types of fishing for different purposes. One does fishing as a sport and the other does it for living. It is really choice of a lifestyle. The difference between sport fishing and professional fishing is, that in sport fishing you usually let the fish back to the waters after catching it. The pleasure that fishing gives you is more important than the benefit. The goals for both groups of fishermen are clear. As a profession, fishing aims to maximize the profit with available resources. The outcome, which in this case is the catch, is left for the worker until he or she decides how to use the catch.

But you don't have to catch the same fish many times, if you are clear with your objectives.

The same applies to marketing and advertising. What if instead of only maximizing the displays of your ads, you would direct the reached consumer to join a community in social media? Or to subscribe your e-mailing list? By increasing the size of these kind of assets, you would also increase your own marketing capital. In this case the consumers' attention would have been earned and it could be maintained as long as you could produce relevant content for them. Reaching people in your own channel is a good option for reaching the same consumers with paid advertising time after time. It's nice to reach once, but keeping and reaching multiple times benefits you more.

Only a sportsman lets the targeted fish back to the water. A professional adds it into balance sheet.