Social media is a quick media. This means it’s not easy to get the attention you’re seeking. One cannot take for granted that out of the reached 50,000 people even a percent would be bothered to hear what the company has to say. In social media, we are competing for attention against not only our rivaling companies but also our audience’s closest friends. That’s no child’s play. For this reason, the overarching objective must always be interaction or some sort of reaction to our content in the form of sharing, commenting, liking, repinning, etc. What will they share and why?

Here are a couple rules of thumb that one should keep in mind when planning content with this objective in mind.

1: Start by Asking

There’s a question for every situation. The best small talkers know how to keep the conversation going by asking questions, listening, and reacting to what they hear. Digital mingling works the same way.

Simplicity is key.
A short and simple question → high response rate
A long question or many questions in one sentence → low response rate


2. React to conversations

Those, who ask questions and show interest in you, often also make specifications or react to what you say in the least. Such talking partners will stay in your mind, just like a brand that succeeds in its digital mingling will stay as well.