There have been some worthwhile and thrilling updates to Facebook's traditional ad unit images - unfortunately only visible to a few Facebook Ad accounts.

The advertising in the sidebar represents one of the oldest forms of advertising on Facebook. Although many new ad formats have been added during the last years the sidebar ads never really changed much visually.

Apparently Facebook wants to adopt the right column ads to the new newsfeed. That said the new look is considerably more modern and sleek. We noticed a significant change to the suggested image size which changed from 100x72 to 270x99 pixels.

New layout for ads in right column
New layout for ads in right column (the way it might look in the near future)

Some of the new features are already visible in the image shown above. We listed some more features you might be interested in:

- up to this point only "Page Like Ads" are visible in the new format

- the cover picture is used as an ad which has an overlying like button

- momentarily there are still 5 - 7 ads shown on the right column

The new ads seem clearly better and produce a significantly superior and more flexible imagery than the current version. Users might not be affected in case Facebook decides to launch the new ad format. However, marketers have new ways of presenting their products and/or services to their target group since the ads are clearly recognizable, more beautiful and with due respect, long overdue.

By the way - do you believe we can expect Facebook to start video ads sooner or later?