You work most of your day.

You probably work most of your life.

More often than not, you work more hours a day than you sleep. You work more hours a day than you spend time with your partner. And surely you work way more hours in your life than you will ever spend with your kids.

So why on Earth don't you try to do a job that you like?

Why don't you try to be happy in all those hours?

Don't be frustrated at work

They say you are supposed to do the things you love during weekends and in your free time.

I call that a good start.

You can do some of the things you love ALSO during your working time!

Think of the incredible results you could have if you work happily. Think of all the awesomeness you could create! Think of all the people you reach during your day. Each and everyone of them would receive amazing creations and smiles (instead of complaints and often mediocre work).

It isn't easy. It isn't immediate. It might be you have been studying in the wrong field and you can't escape a secure job… but you CAN.

The three steps to do the job you love are easy:



I know, they are four, but try them out. It might take a while to figure out just what it is that you really like, but we could all benefit from it.

So do it for us all. I'm ready to receive your awesomeness.