In my former work places spending time in social media has been forbidden. I have seen many colleagues getting warned because they answered their friend’s Facebook post during the workday. Now this has become my work.

It has been really interesting to interpret my actions towards social media during these first weeks at Dingle. All my colleagues around me use social media channels as tools for their work completely naturally. For example Facebook is used as a communication channel and it is easier to reach people with it than e-mail. This still feels a bit absurd for me.

social media is ok

Still after two weeks I feel my conscience knocking to the back of my head when I log in to Facebook to find information of companies. It still requires couple of weeks for me to get used to working with social media but the surroundings here are optimal for it.

You can get so much out of social media and my knowledge of utilizing it grows daily!

During these two weeks my perspective towards social media has changed. I follow the popularity of my personal posts Facebook more and more. I’ve also become more critical towards the posts of companies and I evaluate which posts get most shares and which are liked the most. Additionally I’ve opened my eyes to other social media channels. I already created a profile to Twitter and I use LinkedIn daily to search for information of business leaders. Blogging was also completely new for me before this, but at Dingle everyone is always encouraged to try new things.

My work at Dingle has already taught me a lot and I’m still taking my first steps. In this environment it feels safe and fun to learn. Few companies welcome people with such open arms! It is going to be an awesome summer!