My friend and I just came back home from a trip trough Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan. We travelled by train mainly because of the experience, but also to see lots of local people and make some new friends.

Our journey lasted only for 5 weeks. I'm now saying only, because many of the other travellers we met didn't have a single marking on their calendar and they just went where their felt like. With Facebook, Twitter and blogs we can easily follow their movement around the world and hopefully meet again somewhere.

Foursquare is also a vital tool for travellers. It helped us locate the best places to meet other people and find the best places to eat and sleep. Forget about the Score board and the Mayor contest. Abroad you really use Foursquare for a reason.


Russian people do use Facebook, but you'll find them more easily from VK. If you have any russian friends you should definitely try it out. It's cool and available in many languages.

Only problem comes in China. Most of the Social Media sites are banned there. The Great FireWall of China blocks for example Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and Blogger. They do have their own HUGE sites for example Weibo and Renren, but they are impossible to use if you don't know the language.

Sina Weibo is the Chinese Twitter, but don't think of it just as a Twitter copy. It has well over 500 million users in China (over 30% of internet users) making it one of the biggest gamers, not only in China but in the world. Renren is China's version of Facebook. It is extremely popular within college students and has about 150 million users.

One final tip: you usually meet people in places where there's no internet connection so a good idea for traveling is to print business cards with your social media info.

Lot of new friends

"It's not the places you visit, not the statues you take photos of. It's the PEOPLE you meet, that you'll remember the rest of your life!"