I guess it happened to all of us before - you write a status update, publish it and realize right away a small mistake within your status.

So far it was only possible to edit your comment below a status update. Now Facebook revealed that they are testing editable status updates. According to an employee at Facebook "it’s something we are testing, but don’t have any further details."

editable comment

Especially for page admin this new feature (let's hope Facebook is introducing it soon) could help in situations where mistakes have been recognized too late. So far the only solution would be either to tolerate or delete the status and post a new one. Sadly no one wants to lose all the interactions (likes, shares) but of course no one wants to put anyone's nose out of joint, namely people who contributed with some splendid comments.

We cross all our thumbs since Facebook has known about this problem for a while - it would be a superb new feature no one wants to miss anymore.