At the beginning of June Facebook announced that they will simplify their ad offering by cutting down more than half of the existing 27 different ad products. The main reason for this is obviously to get rid of duplicate and overlaping ad types and create a simpler and more efficient advertising platform for both marketers and users of Facebook. Last week Facebook kicked off the modification process by rolling out the first changes:


1. Questions feature ceases to exist - at least for most pages

Dating back to the stone age of Facebook, the question feature has always been a bit visually outdated and has now become an endangered species. At the time being Questions feature can only be used with Facebook Groups, Events and according to some sources, with specific Page Types, such as Pages by News Organisations.

Dinglen viimeinen Facebook-kysely, ainakin toistaiseksi. Klikkaa ja käy vastaamassa.
The last Facebook Poll by Dingle, at least for now. Vote now so we know what to blog about.

Are you going to miss Polls by some of your favorite Facebook Pages? If your're feeling nostalgic, you can check your personal history of votes right here.


2. Offers feature no longer for Online Stores

Facebook Offers just got cut down by 1/3. According to Facebook, most stores that operate purely online, have learned that advertising a Link Post (Page post link ad) leading to an offering on webstore is more efficient than Online Only Facebook Offer. This leaves us with the In Store Only and In Store & Online options.

Online Only -vaihtoehto poistui Offereista.
Online Only option is no longer an option when creating Facebook Offers.


Basically this means that if you want to publish an Offer on Facebook, your store needs to have a physical presence somewhere on planet Earth. So, not to worry fellow Finns, we can still conveniently receive free soft drinks from Subway and delicious dessert offerings from Brasserie Le Havre.

Check out all the Offers you have claimed on Facebook over here!


3. Farewell Sponsored Search Results

Did you know, that only a week ago, one could have improved the ranking of a Page, Application or Event on Facebook's search tool with the Sponsored results ad unit? Well, now you know, but the information isn't very useful, since the feature is long gone now.

At Dingle, we were experimenting with the ad type for some time. If you started to type Mark Zuckerberg on the search field, you would probably find Dingle on the top 3 search results. Practically this means that from now on when you're searching for Mark Zuckerberg, you will only find Mr. Zuckerberg and when searching for Dingle, you will hopefully find Dingle.

Dingle Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Advertising

Facebook killed the Sponsored Results ad unit. Thereby no more Dingle under Mark on the search results. 


Do you think these changes are for the better or are you going to miss the features? Comment below and share your opinion!