Facebook announced recently astonishing results in their quarterly report.

The amount of active members in a month was 1,15 billion (21% growth from last year's second quarter). In mobile the same number was 819 million (51% growth from last year's second quarter). Also the number of active advertisers in Facebook passed 1 million.

Analysts and investors were sceptic about Facebook's ability to implement its' current business logic in mobile. The number of mobile users has been growing significantly lately and it has given pressure for offering ad solutions for advertisers. Despite the pressure, Facebook succeeded better than expected.

Mobile advertising was reported to be 41% of all revenue from advertising. According to Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, mobile advertising will soon cover over half of the advertising revenue. Overall advertising revenue growth was 61% from last year, reaching  1,6 billion dollars.

Facebook has told, that they are like a personal newspaper for mobile users. You take it with you everywhere you go. There is naturally ads between the articles in a commercial newspaper, if the product itself is free for the user. Getting into this newsfeed is very important and desirable for companies and brands.

Basically all Facebook users, who log in using a smart phone or through the Facebook app with their tabloids, receive Facebook's mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is supported by the fact, that you can buy ads to be shown in the Facebook newsfeed, which is playing even bigger role in the mobile service. Facebook offers specific ad products for mobile marketers, which are slightly different than traditional Desktop ads. These include

Page post adsPage like adsMobile app install ads and Sponsored stories.

Mobile app install ads
Mobile app install ads
Sponsored stories
Page post ads


Mobile advertising brings new dimensions in targeting. For example, you can target advertising for a person using a specific teleoperator or user of a specific mobile device. As an Apple reseller I would target ads that aim to increase iPhone 5 sales for users of older iOS operation system versions.

It is possible also to target users, who are being connected to network through Wi-Fi. In this case, as a service operator offering the fast 4G network, I might target my advertising to them. The same kind of targeting could be beneficial if my ad would drive traffic to a heavier website, which would require more bandwidth from the network.

If you have bunch of telephone numbers in your register and you own the rights to use them in marketing, I could recommend to target advertising for them in some cases.

The most important thing in marketing is to be where the customers are - in mobile. In the future the importance of mobile will grow even more.


But when will Instagram begin to offer mobile ad solutions?

According to the CEO of Facebook, Marc Zuckerberg, Instagram's founder made the service for business. At the moment they are gathering the user base. When the time is right, advertising will be considered. (Source: Forbes)

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