The competition is getting tougher on all fields as new firms arise continuously. At this point, marketers face more and more challenges in standing out. But how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? With authenticity. Authenticity is a company’s most important source for competitive advantage. It is characterized by the word “why”. Why does this or that company want to better people’s lives? A firm can succeed only by helping its customers and that’s what its marketing has to focus on as well.

Why, for instance, Taivas + Helvetti (a collection of 21 stories on Finnish entrepreneurship) has sold so well? Is it because of the book’s mission: revolutionizing Finnish entrepreneurial culture and donating 60,000 books to graduating youngsters? Surely it is.

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Mission is the key to benefitting from social media
Take for instance Finnair: Why does it exist and how it could be a greater part of its customers’ lives? If Finnair’s mission were, say, to provide its customers’ with experiences, it should communicate about all the great destinations it flies to. With social media, Finnair could grow to become the greatest travel media in Finland – they have the work force for it around the globe all the time. Thus Finnair would create a reason to travel and use its services. It wouldn’t be just an airline but a company that takes it customers to the journeys of their dreams.

However, the topmost thing that comes to mind from Finnair’s marketing communications is how they keep pushing price information to their customers. However, I must admit that this summer’s travel tips campaign is a great step to the right direction.

Money cannot guarantee impact. A company needs transparency in its mission and its story. Positive and inspiring stories spread like fire, but so will the negative.

A successful company focuses in all of its marketing on why it helps people.