Kids usually look and behave in very funny ways and therefore make excellent content in social media. Have you ever thought about how they will feel when they grow up? How about the pictures where they have food all over their face and the video where they sing off note?


Some parents start blogging when mom or dad is on parental leave. Sometimes it leads to great success. There are great examples of how the experiences of one family can grow to a big community as it happened with this Finnish Facebook-page "875 grams".

”The blog can always be shut down”

A friend of mine has been blogging about her daughter since pregnancy. The blog is open for everyone but it doesn’t show in searches or listings. This blogger has also drawn the line of privacy for her kid on Facebook. She doesn’t post anything about her daughter on Facebook, except from family portraits. She has been thinking about the future in the sense that the blog always can be shut down if her daughter requires it at some point.
There is a very simple, golden rule on how you can decide if you should post something about your children. "Would you post a picture of yourself in the same situation?". The same rule regarding nudity and quality of pictures works for yourself as for your children.
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I bet your closest friends and relatives have seen you in various unflattering situations and heard you sing karaoke unsuccessfully. That’s why you should:

Create a family album on Facebook
Finns have on average 194 friends on Facebook and I bet you wouldn’t like to show your most intimate family album to them all. I suggest you create a family album or a separate group for the closest people in your life. There you can post pictures of your children without spamming all your friends with minor updates concerning the development of your child . There are details that grandparents might be interested in. But not all of your friends are.

Checklist for protecting the integrity of your kids:
- Remember to ask permission from the kid’s parents if you plan to publish an image of your kid’s friends.
- Advice from the Finnish "webofficer" is to post only such content that you would like to pin on the notice board of your local grocery shop, school or workplace.
- Nudity: Children like to run around naked, but even if it’s more acceptable than for adults, the rule on the web is once again to apply the same rules for your children as for yourself. I bet they wouldn’t like their future employers to see nude pics of them, even though they were children at the time.