If content is king of marketing, then its effective distribution should be considered the God of marketing. In the past, the challenge has been a lack of content, but today many companies already have it in large quantities. A large proportion of brands are starting to wake up to the fact that their own services and content are in order, but not enough people are finding them and that production of content is not profitable enough when measuring ROI.

The challenge is in the distribution

Even in Finland, there are companies whose websites are stocked with endless supplies of content, but people do not find them often enough. They have built a luxury hotel, but people will find them as easily as if it were in the Sahara desert.

One good example is Tikkurila. An endless amount of excellent content on how to improve people's home, cottage, furniture, etc. painting challenges can be found on their site. They have done a good job creating content to lower the threshold of painting and helping consumers. They have a huge amount of untapped potential to spread content better for people to see and make use of.


Content must be brought to people's attention

3 million Finns use social media and the number is still growing. There are, therefore, a number of good channels for distribution, of which the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. It's all about shaping content into alluring statuses on Facebook, tweets that get attention, and so on. Distribution has to be systematic and planned. You will not thrive with ad hoc and ”now and then” tactics.

If you have already built a luxury hotel, it's time to take all of its best services to where the people are, the crowds of Manhattan. If the content is truly good, available in multiple channels, and is easy to share, people will help you spread your message.

So, constantly create new content in a sharable form, distribute it and let the audience share it for you. Measure what works and what doesn't. Do this and you will know how to best build your luxury hotel in Manhattan.