Finally Instagram published the update we all have been waiting for. No more second thoughts, starting over or anxiety of whether there will be enough seconds left to complete the video. Now we are able to film the Instavideo with a proper camera and after that we can upload it to Instagram.

There is still the 15 second limit to the Instavideo. That is a short time and therefore I will give you some tips for creating an Instavideo.


Script for Instavideo

First of all you need a script. Try to build the story without text since you need to use the 15 seconds efficiently.

Shooting Instavideo

Even though you are able to edit your clips, remember to keep them short and to focus the most important happening in the middle of the image. However, the new update includes a slider so that you can center the image in Instagram before posting. This is still easier if you think about it from the beginning.
Making of Instavideo


Now it is time to kill your darlings. No matter how well you plan the script, there will probably be too many scenes. It is important to choose the most informative sequences when you make a tutorial. To be on the safe side, make sure your video is somewhere between 14 and 15 seconds.

Convert video to iPhone format

Before you import the video to your smartphone, you need to convert it. This video was converted with Sorenson Squeeze , in this case with the template for iPhone and iPad.


sorenson squeeze


Import the Video to Smartphone and Upload Video to Instagram

Then it is time to import your video to your smartphone and from there you just upload it to Instagram and crop it if needed.


Instavideo Slider Crop
The convenient part is that when you have the 16:9 format video, it matches Youtube as well: