A few days ago Mashable posted a blog titled: "I'm 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook". In brief, the author, a 13 year-old was explaining how her friends kept away from Facebook, because, among other reasons, that's where her parents were and it was "too complicated". They preferred services like Instagram, where older people aren't active and you get "rewarded" more than on Facebook. On Instagram the likes from strangers are more important than those from your friends.

Yesterday Mashable published a reply-blog, written by another teenager: "I'm 15 and All my friends use Facebook". The #TeenWar was on!



This got me thinking: where are my peers? Where are the 25-35 year-olds of the Generation Y I belong to? The answer is more complex than ever. They are everywhere. They use everything.

We are the generation that has lived the great digital revolution from the beginning and we were out of our teens when this happened, old enough to remember "the old way" and still seeing the iPhone as the item that changed everything.

I'm a social media junkie and have a profile almost everywhere, but let's see, where are my friends?


Duh. Of course. My friends are on Facebook. We are old enough not to have grandparents on Facebook, though many of our parents are trying (hard) to understand how it works; "no, mum, private messages are not public" and "dad, stop liking every picture of my wife, it's creepy".

Not all my friends are on Facebook, because for some it's too complicated. Many don't want to put their information "on the internet". We are THAT generation, the one that cares about privacy. However, since (almost) all of us use it, let's go over to more interesting social media.


Twitter is getting big among my friends. 30 year-olds are famous for thinking they use sarcasm as a way of life, while what they do is mainly complain. What a better place than Twitter to let all that steam go off?


Twitter is also the place where marketers show (off) publicly how smart they are. Nowadays you can read news on Twitter. At least a very brief headline of an article.


Twitter is also great when something happens, at least for an hour after the emergency.

Instagram, the dieters' paradise.

Many of my friends are on Instagram. If they are on Facebook, they also have an Instagram account. If they are not on Facebook, they are at least on Instagram.

Instagram is the preferred social media among dieters (#green #healthyfood #nosalt #tateslikenothing), yoga fans (#contorsion #bikini #weirdestplaceevertodoyoga) and mothers (#yesanotherpicofmytoddler).

But let's be honest. Food does look gorgeous on Instagram:

Google Plus, the geek corner

More people than you'd except are active on Google Plus. With a huge difference compared to other social media platforms. Users are all guys. And they pretty much only talk about Apple, Samsung, Playstation, XBox and photography.

Google Plus looks beautiful and works as smoothly as GMail, I just wish there'd be more differentiated content.

Foursquare, look, I just took a bus!

Foursquare is growing steadily and becoming more and more useful because of tips and specials. Never walk into a restaurant without checking out a few tips first. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably don't have a Foursquare profile.

Foursquare for business

The New Myspace

I'm just kidding. Only Justin Timberlake's community manager uses it.

Blogs: Tumblr & Wordpress

Even if they are not active in any other social platform, at some point my friends have tried to keep a blog. Especially those who are not active anywhere else still crave for some sort of attention.

Most blogs on Tumblr are a collection of funny pictures, gifs and quotes.

Others, especially if on Wordpress, are more like diaries than useuful blogs, but it's fun to discover some very well written blogs here and there.
We are the generation Y, the early adopters and curious about all new digital solutions. We use iPads, kindles, real books and every social media platform possible. Our kids won't escape from us, we'll be present in every social media they'll use. Isn't that reassuring?