Instagram has become one of the largest social media services with over 100 million users and has also been taken into use in Finland, especially by teenagers and young adults. But how can a company benefit from this new media?

Instagram is mainly based on photo-sharing and tuning with so-called ”filters” (the newest feature is also short video sharing). Friends and brands can be followed the same way as on Twitter. There are many examples of how a brand can take advantage of Instagram. Finnair could share stunning pictures of their travel destinations, Chico's could share pictures of American-style atmospheres and food, and a bank such as LähiTapiola, whose main slogans is about caring, could take up a habit of doing a small good deed every day and share a picture relating to that deed on instagram. Everyday things.

Instagram is being used both internationally and in Finland

A good example in Finland is Happy Joe cider. The brand shares pictures that are very closely related to the product, such as pictures of hanging out in the park and dining situations. Similar pictures can be found on both the Facebook page and on Instagram. The same material is used, but in a slightly different way and on a different schedule. This gives a good reason to follow both the Instagram and Facebook page.


Cheek already has over 46 000 followers on Instagram, so it seems that there are already plenty of Instagram users in Finland as well.


Burberry already has close to 900 000 followers on Instagram. It is fun and inspirational to follow Burberry's design and backstage material from various events.


Southwest Airlines shares pictures of anything related to flying, in the air, on the ground and inside the aircraft as well. The airline has nearly 60 000 followers on Instagram.


Getting people's attention is becoming more challenging all the time and a second or two is already too long if the content isn't a hit. In today's visualized media field, pictures do a better job of delivering a message than text.

In social media, companies are competing with how good the content is compared to the content posted by the user's friends and family. The picture concept can work on all channels and Instagram is one that helps us get closer to desired customers and their daily lives.

The content must tell an emotionally relevant story if we want to succeed in this. Also on Instagram.