Did you now you can clean up your newsfeed and Facebook can help you with it?

The service is a bit of a secret, there's no way of reaching it but to go directly to this address: facebook.com/friends/organize

The tool is very simple: it tells you who are the friends you are not interacting with and add them to the acquaintances list, therefore showing them less on your timeline.
Facebook Organize Newsfeed

I like the choice of words: "less" does not mean "ever". If they create good and engaging content, they'll appear in your timeline . If they post "bad" content, well, there's no really any point for you to see them, is there?

As easy as that. Select the friends and add them to the acquaintances list to clean your Facebook newsfeed.

A nice and simple weekend tip.

Ps. I feel I must add here that the best way to have a nice and wonderful NewsFeed with only people you really care about is of course creating different lists, based on interests. For example I have a list "Best" with 105 friends and it's the list where I can see everything my best friends have done.

Lists on Facebook

Creating list is a more complicated process and takes some time to do, so we save it for another blog that doesn't have "1 simple step" in the title.