The goal of advertising is to make an impact, either immediately or over time. Naturally, we can't make an impact if we don't first get people's attention, in order for them to remember us. There are thousands of ways to get attention, but strengthening the memory is all about learning and teaching. How do we usually remember best what we have learned?
Dale (1969) researched how well we remember something, depending on the learning method. A six-week period showed the following results (added samples of my own):


10% of what we have read (eg, articles, press releases)

20% of what we have heard (radio)

30% of what we see (pictures: visual outdoor advertising & print, digital banners)

50% of what we see and hear (for example, TV ads and videos)

70% of what we say ourselves (writing a blog or social network interaction of the brand, participation in discussions)

90% of what we do ourselves (promo events, virtual experiences, such as games and activations)

Is it worthwhile for marketers to come up with more and more new ways to engage with the target group, in order for them to remember us? Of course! If you want them to remember you. There is a good reason why applications, games and interactive ads have grown exponentially and engaging with customers are keywords for today's marketer.

Help people remember you better by making use of the opportunities that the internet offers – focus on participation and engagement.