I decided to blog this week because I felt that I had so many things to say and many insights to share about things I have recently learned.  Yet I sit here and ideas are running through my head but I can’t decide on which topic to choose. I don’t give myself enough credit and think that I have to be an absolute expert on a subject in order to voice my opinion.

I'm positive I'm not the only one occasionally feeling this way. Deciding on a blog subject is probably the biggest thing keeping people from blogging. What if it’s not good enough? What if it’s old news?

Stop right there!

What makes a blog is ultimately not just the subject at hand, but the way you communicate your point of view on the subject. In fact, the most interesting aspect of a blog is to get a sense of the author. In the bigger picture, this could mean giving insights into a company by publishing blogs written by employees. After all, a company is far more than its brand, it’s the people behind the brand which make it what it is. Why not share your experiences? Your customers will thank you for it.

I would recommend to mostly blog about things you are genuinely interested in to make your text conveying. If you find the subject interesting, your readers will most likely feel the same.

Thus, my point is that blogging isn’t just about informing, but it is about engaging and reaching audiences on a personal level. We are all humans who work hard, occasionally make mistakes and most likely have knowledge and wisdom others could benefit from. Let’s bring the social back into the digital and stay connected.

Let’s not just post information at each other but share and communicate with each other.  Nowadays you have the opportunity to speak to audiences directly through your text and the accompanying digital distribution channels. What would you like to share?

Don’t hesitate – just blog.