A few years ago, everywhere you would look, you would see more publications that contained only text. In today's content inflated world, it is even more difficult to get exposure or attention without visually distinctive content. People do not respond to long text content and content will not earn visibility through social media platforms unless people respond to it positively.

Here are a few examples of content on Facebook that differ from one another.


The more text the post has, the less visibility it will earn, especially on Facebook. This is because people easily skip it. The post above, almost hurts your eyes when it appears in the newsfeed.


The post from Sol above makes sense, it is easy to understand, like, share or comment. It is also worth noting that, this picture has been advertised. If the community reacts positively to the content, it is definitely worth advertising, as has been done here.

It is not just that people remember pictures much better. They also earn more visibility because they are more reacted to.

Picture production is about finding the right style, with the right angle or idea. In social media particularly, stories live or die depending on the idea, not necessarily the quality of the picture. In terms of quality, ”Good enough” is sufficient if the idea is top-notch.