Get rid of poor customer serviceDealing with customer service is often a real pain in the ass; you find long queuing times, forwarded calls and depressing queuing music. If someone picks up your call, it’s often a customer servant who is not interested to actually serve. As a friend of mine working in a customer support put it, a customer servant’s job description is “close your eyes and forward the call”.


But the time for poor customer service is over. Social media forces companies to serve better at a cost of losing their reputation in public.


Have you ever tried to get service in social media instead of over phone? Once customer demands service on company’s Facebook wall, by tweeting or by any other social media channel instead of by private phone conversation, they force the company to either solve the problem with a friendly face or prove the poor customer service rumors true in public.


So, what does this mean for companies? First, poor customer service can no longer exist. Poor customer service is instantly public and you don’t sell much with bad service. Second, companies have to be present on social media. According to a study, customers expect to be served within 60 minutes after posting a message on social media. This forces companies to be there, listening with processes ready to reply instantly.


There are not too many companies who can genuinely manage customer service in social media but every company should. Next time you get sick of listening to queuing music, relocate the conversation to Facebook or Twitter and see what happens.