Blogs, publications and websites dealing with marketing today are mainly talking about content strategy and content marketing. But surely this is not a new thing?

The marketing transition does not concern content. Content has always been content, good or bad, and so it remains. The thing that has reshaped marketing, is the possibility of extremely broad and effective distribution of content. Companies, brands and individuals can effortlessly spread their message globally in a cost-effective way, at any time.

Should we instead begin calling the whole phenomenon distribution strategy or distribution marketing? These terms would be more relevant to describe the ongoing transition.

Chief Jokinen pondered solutions to the new era of distributing content in his own blog post, Markkinoinnin murros – Julkaise heti 100 ideaa! (Sorry, as you can see, its in Finnish). The core of his message in this blog is that instead of going through extensive planning and brainstorming different ideas and validating them, just publish 100 ideas and see which ones work. Keep going with the ones that do, and stop with the ones that don't.
We create content, distribute it effectively and optimize it, so that the content will work even better in the future.