Coverage of Google services in Finland is huge. You don't need to be an expert in the media sector to understand this. Even my grandma's (88 y/o) answers to some of my questions are: ”Well, I don't know, Google it”. The same thing applies to YouTube, the second largest search engine. Do you want to learn how to tie a tie? Go to YouTube. How about choosing equipment for ice hockey? Go to YouTube. Are you bored? Go to YouTube.


What is YouTube's coverage in Finland?

According to Google, YouTube has 2.4 million monthly users at this time, that spend approx. 16 minutes on the site per visit.

Google's research shows that in general, among 18-74-year-olds, YouTube's "channel share" in Finland is 73%. Among youth and young adults, that is, less than 34-year-olds, YouTube is the number one channel. 87% of them can be reached via YouTube. This number decreases when you add less than 54-year-olds, although that figure also is a high 78%.

Something else that's interesting from a marketing point of view is the outlook of video content for the future.

2012: Videos accounted for 57% of network traffic.
2017: Up to 90% of all consumer network traffic is video
(Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index 2013, Global Internet Users)

This sets a need for major changes in marketing. Resource planning, coordination and thinking must change. The few TV campaign launches need to be converted to 50 small launches throughout the year, which are distributed through all channels. Therein lies huge potential via effective delivery, to achieve cost-effective and highly targeted communications.