Content is king

How many times have you heard that content is king? So what?

Well, content is what makes people discover, consume and take actions towards your brand. Some say content is everything around marketing.

Because of what you write, how you write it and where you deliver it, people will finally make a buying decision (or not).

So how should you use create and distribute your content?

You should have a content strategy.

According to Katrina Craigwell, the lead of digital content for GE, if you want to create viral content, you should consider 3 things:

  1. Use branding in context
  2. Create wonder right away.
  3. Build an emotional roller coaster.

Only one out of three is about your brand. The rest is about the story.

Whenever you sell a product or a service, create a story. There must be a WTF or WOW moment or no one will remember it. And this goes for everything you do in marketing.

My advice is not showing your product all the time. Let the product go. Instead of an image of your product and a price tag, show more, show how it came to life, how it evolved, who are the persons making the magic, the emotions around it.

Nike managed to make sneakers sexy. Nike makes us believe that if we dress nice, we can achieve anything. Is it true? Judge for yourself:

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Pull back the curtains and show more about your company. How does your factory looks like? And your office? Tell the story of the company throughout images and make it real.

How do you create a story about your product?

If you sell wine, you are not selling only a bottle of wine. You are selling everything that wine represents for Joe, the common person who'll buy it. If you're selling a software, it is how Joe's life is made better by using it. So talk about Joe and how his status changed before and after meeting your brand.

Marli Mesibov suggests to use R.E.A.D. process while creating content:

  • R:esarch your target group
  • E:stablish the story. Have a beginning, middle and the end
  • A:dd details. Make it real. Add a person, an environment, emotions.
  • D:istribute it. Where does your audience live? Post it there and engage with them.

Then starts over. Nothing is but our own process of Create-Distribute-Optimize applied to content strategy.

Content Strategy

If the message is well received, they will like you. And trust you. And buy your product.

This is what content strategy sounds like. This is what we do.