The 6th of November, it's Finnish-Swedish Heritage day!

When I was a kid I used to babysit two children, whose dad came from New Zealand. I had already studied English at school and I heard it on TV every day. Still, I remember how nervous I got when I realized that I had to talk to him. What if I wouldn’t find the right word or what if my pronunciation went all wrong? I would be so ashamed.
Millions of Finns are in the exact same situation when it comes to Swedish. They have learned the language at school but they haven’t always had the opportunity to develop their spoken Swedish. And they are afraid of failure.
At the Dingle Helsinki office we speak a lot of languages! We have German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and three Swedish-speaking Finns. But also some others know how to speak Swedish. Our CEO Juho and Media Specialist Juuso both went to Dragsvik for their military service, and thanks to that they speak fluent Swedish.
Many Dinglers know how to answer if you address them in Swedish and lately I have noticed that they feel more comfortable using the language. It is not about perfect grammar or pronunciation. The most important thing is to be understood. So speak Swedish (or other languages) with your colleagues! All you need is patience and respect. Sharing is caring!