What is happening in your company? Very often brands and companies forget about the people behind their products when they just focus on the brand. Here are some tips for how to find and publish the interesting stories in your company.

It is not only about the product or service, your everyday stories count.

When people are planning to create a blog they often think: who would be interested in my everyday life? It is just as normal as the life of everyone else. But the popularity of ordinary people is evident, just look at all the highly successful reality concepts in television and bloggers that have become superstars. Everyone has a story to tell.

Find the stories and implement them in your publication calendar

1. Employees
What are the interests and skills among your employees? Why did they choose to work for the company and what are their values? How does the company take care of its employees? It is important to share information about the work environment in order to attract new employees. The best places to spread the word are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and why not Youtube.

Benefits: People will contact the company and you will save money in the recruitment process.

2. Resources
When a company decides to join social media channels it is still often considered as an ad hoc channel for whatever the company wants to inform their consumers about. Too often this workload falls on the marketing personnel. Of course it is crucial to have someone in charge for the reporting, but it is however as important to divide the tasks and to involve every employee. Create a system where every division delivers a story about what they are working on or what their favorite product is. Nowadays everyone in the company should have a responsibility for the marketing of the company.

Benefits: You get a great variety of stories and ideas and you prevent overloading the marketing department. You make everyone feel special and involved.

3. Documentation
Images and videos get most attention in social media. If you don’t have the right skills inside the company, get some help from outside and create an image or video bank before you go live.

Benefits: When you have material in store it will be easier to add the material to your publication calendar and you don’t need to worry about how to illustrate your stories.

4. Be brave and proud
At first it might feel scary to go out there and reveal stuff to your consumers. We probably all remember how it felt to write the first post in Facebook or how long it took to compose our first tweet. Don’t worry. It’s totally normal to feel a bit scared. But if your employees share the values of the company, and if they are proud to work there, (which they should be) they probably don’t have any hesitations about spreading the word. This is just a new way of spreading the message.