Edit: Thank you all for applying, there were many great applications and it was difficult to choose from, but he position has been filled.

We are looking for a Graphic Designer for a part-time job to our growing team of Dinglers.

Your tasks will vary from creating Facebook application layouts to other visual materials. You will be working with Dingle's own look and also with the customers' layouts. You will be mostly needing Adobe Photoshop, but your tasks can be so diverse that only the sky is the limit. As we are pretty international here at Dingle, you will be needing English. Finnish is not a must, but helps.

You are creative, imaginative and hardworking. While we are offering you flexible working hours, we are also hoping you to be flexible concerning busy schedules we sometimes have.

It is a plus if you are also good at drawing and illustrating. Maybe photography is close to your heart and you do some video shooting on your spare time. If you also have some understanding of CSS, know how to use and write it, you must be the right person for us. But don't feel blue if you don't have all the skills listed, go ahead and apply, you might still have what it takes to be the Dingle's next super mod... I mean designer.

And you?
We are offering you an awesome working environment with the coolest workmates and flexible hours. If you are an early bird, you can also come and have some morning porridge at the office. Most of us are using Apple products, but don't worry, we like PC people as well.

How then?
So that we get a hunch of your skills, we're asking you to design some layouts for an imaginary Facebook application. The wireframes to know what to do are attached below. We appreciate a creative way of execution and understanding of Facebook as a platform, on browser as well as on mobile.

Send your application and portfolio to rekry@dingle.fi. Don't forget to attach the ready made layouts and do tell something about stuff you've done on those fields asked above. Application deadline is 8.12., don't miss the opportunity.

If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact me at annemari.eerola@dingle.fi, or just contact Dingle on any channel where you happen to find us.

To download the wireframes, click here

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