Being a Community Manager of a brand in social media teaches you a lot of things. It teaches you to listen and react to opinions and questions raised by the community. Having said that, these opinions and questions aren’t always voiced in a light-hearted manner. Consumers truly believe in their right to be heard and answered to in Social Media by giving both positive and negative feedback.


Companies and Community Managers alike should not be afraid of critical opinions, but take these as opportunities to make their brand stronger by clarifying and rectifying whatever concerns have been voiced. I have concluded that both positive and negative responses can be summed up in the term SoMe Emotions. It is ultimately a good thing if people are talking about your brand with a passion - at least someone is talking about you. I don’t mean this in the sense of “bad press is good press”, but people only get critical if they truly care. And if they care, it means you have a strong community behind you, which has built emotional ties to your brand – an invaluable asset to any brand. If you listen to their conversations and needs and are able to fulfill these or at least be open about your temporary shortcomings, they will forgive and understand. Yes, Social Media customer relationship management is like maintaining a relationship, just with thousands if not millions of opinion leaders, but they are only people too.


While following digital conversations I become touched and amused by SoMe Emotions which can circulate around a brand. Some people express their love for the brand or product, some may voice critique towards it, while others again come back to defend the brand in whatever respect it was criticized for. This is modern day camaraderie. These are emotions in the digital stratosphere. They are a group of people sharing the same interest or passion for a product or brand while going through SoMe Emotions. It’s almost like reading a narrative with highs and lows, with suspense and a final purge of emotions when the issue at hand has been resolved – by the brand itself or the community.


The positive feedback you receive after a hiccup has been overcome is always stronger than any critique which was ever voiced. Thus, fear not SoMe Emotions – they are good in every way.