Every day we try to understand our fans. What does it make them tic?

Let's take for example... YOU.

What do you see in that status update that makes you wanna like it?

Why did you decide to LIKE Robert's picture in the Alps but did not press the magic button for Janet's similar skiing picture in Norway? Was it the status update, the location or what else?

Why do you LIKE George Takei’s page, knowing it's not even him writing?

What it is that makes you press the LIKE button? Funny stuff? Witty stuff?

Post by Dingle.


Often, you might not even be your potential fan.

In fact, who are your fans? What do THEY like?

They like something you didn't think would really catch attention and then completely ignore something else you thought was "one the best status ever".

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Why some pictures get 6 likes where other pictures get 100?

These kind of questions can drive a social media expert crazy. Or, it can drive fascinating studies.

Your followers are just like you. What triggers your like?

And now: what does not?

Compare and study both sides of the coin, what it is the triggers your fans' likes and what it is that they don't like.

We should study psychology, sociology and anthropology, not business or marketing.

I'm seeing business and marketing as a result of psychology and if get to know human behaviour better, the profit will be better too.