When Facebook launched #Hashtags, we were excited by the opportunity but noticed that the full potential of it wasn't used by the social platform. Yesterday's announcement gives a new valid reason for users and marketers to use hashtags on Facebook.

Trending on Facebook: find what's popular right now

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On Facebook, users create and engage in countless conversations every day. With Trending, Facebook will now merge, group and categorize these conversations. If you are familiar with Twitter, it's similar to "Trends", but it claims to be even better. Twitter trends are often too broad to be interested. Facebook's Trending is personalized, based on what you're interested in and what your friends, Pages and all Facebook are talking about.

[Tweet "With Trending, Facebook will now merge, group and categorize conversations."]

Another interesting feature is that hashtags will have a small description next to it, explaining what the #topic is about. I can imagine this working easily in English, but in Finnish or any other language? Who's going to write what does "#TVOF" or "#Stockmanngate" mean? We'll see how Facebook is going to localize Trending. As usual, we are excited and skeptical at the same time.

What will be trending?

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Trending will collect articles and pictures about a topics or events that have "recently spiked in popularity", given the users the possibility to engage on that particular topic even with non-friends. Obviously, you will see only your friends posts and any public post across Facebook. A reason more for marketers to use hashtags and talking about what's hot (and not only about themselves. For users, trending is a good enough reason to keep the posts public, a way to get new followers, be discovered by and engage with non-friends. It does sounds a lot like Twitter.

As usual, trending is first rolling out to few customers in selected countries.

Source and Images: Facebook